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Cultura’s Home Services support a diverse range of people who share a common desire: to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible.

This is also our purpose and passion. In fact, our vision is ‘to empower diverse individuals and communities to reach their full potential.’

It starts with you.

You have probably found this page because you are looking to stay in your home for as long as possible; flexibly and on your terms. Or maybe someone you love is looking for this outcome, and you want to help them.

You may be sceptical, or reluctant to reach out to strangers for help. This isn’t an easy decision. It can be difficult to hand over part of your life or daily routine to someone else. In fact, this decision can be hardest of all on the family members who are the current primary carers.

A positive step

The step towards home care is not about letting go. It’s about maintaining your independence. The decision to access home care services can end up being a very empowering and positive step for everyone involved.

Your pace, your way

At Cultura, we believe that less is more, especially at the start. To earn your trust, we start small, at your pace, and according to your preferences. It may simply start with providing a lift to an appointment, or helping with a load of washing. We don’t assume to know what you want. Instead, we meet you where you are at – and we start as we intend to go on, by listening to you.

Home Services – how you want it

We support people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, primarily in the Geelong and western metropolitan region. 

Choose home services that best suit your needs:

Government-funded and privately funded home care

The only difference between our government-funded home care service (Home care packages/Short Term Restorative Care) and our privately funded service is that the private service is paid for by the consumer. This is usually because they cannot yet access government-funded care and require urgent home care, or because they are above the income threshold that grants government-funded care.

Beyond this, the only other difference between the private and public care experiences with Cultura is that the private service can start the very next day if required. This is because the paperwork that is required for the government-funded home care service is not required for private home care.

Here to help

If you are accessing our care through a government-funded service, we will meet with you several times during the first couple of weeks. This is to develop goals that ensure your care plans always meets your needs, and result in a positive outcome. When it comes to completing the government paperwork, we will closely guide and support you through this process wherever possible!

Share your situation

When it comes to making a decision about home care services, the only given is that each circumstance is very different – something we have learned in our 20+ years of caring for people. We are one of the most respected and well-known home care services in Geelong, and we are very proud of that.

Home Care Providers Geelong

This is a two-way relationship from our very first phone call. Call us to share your situation and explain what kind of in-home help you think you may need. Then we’ll arrange to visit you in your home to answer questions with no obligation, and see if Cultura is the right option for you.

Get in touch

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to have all the answers from the start. This is a two-way relationship from your very first phone call.

Call us to explain your situation and tell us what kind of in-home help you think you may need. Then we can visit you in your home for a chat before you make any decisions.

To organise a no obligation home visit or to simply talk to us on the phone for now, you can reach us between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 1300 622 778 or 03 5202 5380. If you leave a voicemail, we will call you back that same day. Or if you find email easier, just contact us using the ‘Get in Touch’ form.


This question can be answered differently, depending on which aged care provider you speak with and the package they offer. 

At Cultura, we take a personal approach to home care from the very beginning.  It is about sitting down with you and the person you care for, and simply listening to what you want at home to make life easier. If you choose home care with Cultura, the type of care we provide will be unique and flexible, according to what you want.

You may want us to take you to the shops and back once a week, sit and share a cup of tea with you or maybe cook you a meal. You may need some help tidying the house, managing medications, or helping you to shower and change in dignity. 

This is why we start our relationship with you by never assuming anything. Instead we ask what you need, and we listen. Your needs are bound to be as individual as you are.

If you decide to engage our home care services and are based in Geelong, we will carefully match the right carer to you, taking into account personality and skill set. If you’re not based in Geelong, we can source the appropriate care for you. From there, we remain flexible as your needs change – like everyone’s needs do from time to time.

Above all, we are not in your home to take over from the care that is already in place or do what you are already able to do. We are here to help you on your terms. 

While our history lies in caring for people who come from multicultural backgrounds – often not speaking English as their first language – we never judge or discriminate. You may be old, young, from a multicultural background, or born and bred in Australia. If you need care in the home, we can help.

Absolutely! Most of our carers are multilingual, and we will nearly always be able to access a carer who speaks your language and can answer your questions. 

No, we can’t. We also cannot help with renovations, or garden landscaping. Why? Because we work best – and make the biggest impact – with clients who come to us looking for traditional home care services that directly benefit their mental, emotional and physical health and independence; and in turn, benefit their loved ones.

We like to be clear and upfront about what we can help you with, and what we cannot. This helps us to establish a positive relationship with you, with shared mutual goals from the outset.

If it is your parent or partner that may need home care, this step can feel like a big decision for everyone. You may even feel conflicted about contacting a provider like us, or perhaps the person you care for does not want our help.

In our experience, it is the little things that make a big difference. This is why we suggest we visit your home for a face-to-face chat with absolutely no obligation. Then, if you wish to use our services we can provide care in very small increments, according to what you tell us may help you. This may be a quick visit once a week, or driving you to the shops, or helping out with a single task for 20 minutes to begin with.

Trust can take time to build. It may even take months between our first meeting and your decision to access our home care services. We understand that this can be a delicate situation, and you can be assured that we only employ very experienced carers who are able to sensitively and respectfully navigate through such personal circumstances.

Many of our carers have been with Cultura (previously MACS or Diversitat) for over 20 years, from the very start of the MACS’ journey in 1994. In fact, there is very little turnover in our team. 

We only hire experienced carers who understand the requirements of their role. The leadership shown across all sectors of Cultura is very much people-driven and caring in nature. This results in empowered staff, who enjoy the diversity of the people they can help.

We operate in the Greater Geelong region and Melbourne surrounds. Our palliative care service operates in the Greater Geelong region only.

To talk to someone about MACS home care services, please contact us via phone or email via our Contact Us page.

Our phone lines are open until 5pm, Monday to Friday, as we appreciate evening is when most people have more time to themselves. If you call us and leave a message, we will always return your call by 5pm on the same day.

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We are Cultura.

Cultura emerged as the vibrant new organisation from the merger of Diversitat and Multicultural Aged Care Services (MACS) in 2022. 

ABN: 71 355 229 834

Multicultural Community Services Geelong Inc. trading as Cultura

Cultura acknowledges Aboriginal traditional owners of country throughout Victoria and pays respect to their cultures and elders past, present and emerging.

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