Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities. With passion and purpose, they freely give their time to make the world a better place. Volunteering not only provides huge benefits to the community, but it is also extremely rewarding and personally satisfying for the volunteer.

Cultura is supported by hundreds of wonderful volunteers who assist staff in our aged care, community services, events, settlement and asylum seeker programs. Collectively, they contribute hundreds of hours of service each and every month. 

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds and help us to provide a broad range of services to our residents and clients, keeping them connected and engaged with their communities. Most importantly, our volunteers become part of the Cultura community and form beautiful friendships with our residents and clients along the way.

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a Cultura volunteer. You may have a special skill or hobby to share, be able to help with one of our cultural or religious groups, or just like to chat and make new friends.

We are thrilled to announce Pako Festa is going back to Pakington Street in 2023 and join us in the wonderful community celebration as a volunteer.

Requirements and What to Expect

Our volunteer program meets the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not-for-Profit Organisations, as set out by Volunteering Australia. We follow a simple process to ensure volunteers are a good match for our residents and clients and that their experience is a rewarding one.

  • Before becoming a volunteer, you will meet with our Volunteer Liaison Officer to discuss your skills and interests and highlight where you could contribute to Cultura’s volunteer program.
  • Volunteer duties will be negotiated with the Volunteer Liaison Officer.
  • Cultura employees and volunteers are required to undergo a Police Check, paid for by Cultura. This is an Australian Government requirement. Only volunteers with a satisfactory result can volunteer with Cultura. 
  • Each volunteer is provided with a position description, which outlines negotiated day(s) and time(s) of attendance, responsibilities, work area and supervising staff.
  • All new volunteers are provided with an orientation to the organisation, which is facilitated by the Volunteer Liaison Officer. Aspects of occupational health and safety are covered in this orientation.
  • Cultura volunteers come from all backgrounds, including Australians. We welcome anyone who enjoys contributing to Geelong’s rich multicultural community.

Cross Cultural Awareness Training

  • Cross Cultural Awareness Training is compulsory for all new volunteers within our Community and Settlement Services area, and Asylum Seeker Program. It is an important opportunity to learn about issues facing newly settled people in Australia as well as asylum seekers. It explores culture and how this influences interactions with others. This training is a two hour session held both during business and outside business hours.

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