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Enrolled Nurse Medication Endorsed

Position Summary 

The Enrolled Nurse (Medication Endorsed) (EN) (ME) is a team leader, responsible to the Nurse Unit Care Coordinator and Director of Care and working under the supervision of the Charge Nurse. The EN (ME) takes responsibility on the shift for personal care and hygiene of a group of residents as allocated. This includes supervision of personal carers and liaison with other staff and, as appropriate, family members and other health professionals, to ensure the individual needs of residents are met and all essential care and clinical procedures are completed. 

Qualifications and Experience 


  • Current registration with the Nurses Board of Australia via the Australian Health Practitioners Agency as an Enrolled Nurse (Medication Endorsed)
  • Diploma of Nursing/Certificate IV in Health (Nursing)
  • Experience working with frail elderly in residential/community setting.
  • Demonstrates a friendly manner and clear verbal communication skills.
  • Computer literate and able to use care software package.
  • Contributes usefully and sensitively to workplace team.


All new Cultura staff are to undertake pre-employment screening such as a physical and a personal attribute assessment prior to appointment (all paid for by Cultura).

All Cultura staff are required to satisfy a National Police History check prior to appointment, and at least every three (3) years. This is NOT paid for by Cultura.


  • Has an understanding of the migrant experience, with empathy and sensitivity to the needs of the elderly from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Languages other than English are highly regarded.
  • Has a current Victorian driver licence. 


Communication and teamwork

All Cultura staff members are required to:

  • Work together with colleagues, to achieve Cultura mission, vision and values.
  • Be polite and treat everyone as an individual with dignity, fairness and respect.
  • Listen to others, taking notice of what is said, and show interest in having two-way communication.
  • Ask questions to clarify anything that is unclear, share work-related information with work colleagues, and provide feedback as required.
  • Maintain business confidentiality, as well as privacy and confidentiality for all Cultura residents and Home Care consumers.
  • Genuinely value the ideas of others and what others bring to Cultura.
  • Follow specific work practices, whilst also being flexible in meeting the needs of individual residents/Home Care consumers and day-to-day changes in routines.
  • Use written communication and electronic communication in English to convey clear information as required within the specific position description.
  • Use community languages to improve life quality for Cultura residents/Home Care consumers in basic day-to-day communication.


All Cultura staff members are required to:

  • Work honestly and ethically, taking responsibility for own actions whilst working at Cultura.
  • Works within Cultura code of conduct, policies and procedures and all relevant legislation.
  • Provide high standard care and services as defined in the position description within time frames determined by department manager and not wasting Cultura resources.
  • Take reasonable care of personal health and safety, and the health and safety others in the workplace, including reporting hazards.
  • Report any complaint received, possible risk, actual or possible abuse and/or incident within Cultura as soon as possible, and at least on the same day as observed to department head (or deputy). 
  • Document care, incidents, complaints and other position-related activities using Cultura specified systems/forms.
  • Demonstrate reliability, arriving in time for rostered work. 
  • Show willingness to use both existing and new technology.
  • Participate in regular required training/education provided by Cultura, and other training/ education to keep knowledge and skills up-to-date. 
  • Maintain any professional qualification that is required in position description for employment at Cultura.
  • Work to the competencies for the vocational, education and training (VET) qualification(s) held (for example, aged care, hospitality, leisure and health) – and/or work within the scope of practice for the non-VET qualification held (for example, nursing) – stated in the position description for work at Cultura.

Continuous improvement

All Cultura staff members are required to:

  • Always look for ways to improve Cultura care and services for residents and Home Care consumers, and Cultura workplace for Cultura staff and volunteers.
  • Communicate ideas for improvements within Cultura with department head (or deputy).
  • Make formal suggestions for improvements within Cultura by completing and handing in a ‘Suggestions Comments and Complaints Form’.
  • Take part in regular personnel performance reviews.
  • Complete regular internal audits of Cultura care and services as allocated.
  • See a complaint or suggestion as an opportunity to improve care and/or services for Cultura residents/Home Care consumers. 

Diversity & rights

All Cultura staff members are required to:

  • Respect and support Cultura residents, Home Care consumers, staff, contractors and volunteers in their chosen beliefs, cultural traditions and faith.
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding between different ethnic groups as well as   residents/Home Care consumers.
  • Make an effort to understand residents/Home Care consumers and work colleagues from all cultures and groups, and seek help from others if clear understanding with any individual is not achieved readily.
  • Recognise the basic human rights of all individuals, the additional service-user rights of Cultura residents and Home Care consumers, and equal opportunity rights for all Cultura staff, volunteers and contractors.
  • Demonstrate ‘zero tolerance’ to bullying, harassment and abuse within the workplace, reporting any incident as soon as possible and at least on the same day to department head (or deputy).


Corporate dress as per Cultura uniform policy.

Hours of employment  

As per Contract of Employment.

Salary and conditions

As per Contract of Employment.


Applicants to send a cover letter and current curriculum vitae to

Applications Close:
April 23, 2022

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